About the VAPP

The Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists Inc (VAPP) is an association of  psychoanalytic psychotherapists all of whom have had specialist training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

The Association is a member of The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association of Australasia (PPAA).


Office Bearers

PRESIDENT Jacqueline Adler

SECRETARY Rosalie Birkin




Telephone: 03 9428 2303

Postal Address: 18 Erin Street RICHMOND 3121

Email address: vappadmin@vapp.asn.au

Brief Statement of Purpose

The primary purpose of the VAPP is to foster the clinical practice of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

The VAPP provides support and a forum for ethical practice and professional development of its members.

It admits to membership those from a range of professions who have acquired post-graduate qualifications and training and experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy to the standard set by the Association.

Members observe a Code Of Ethics in their work with patients and colleagues.

The Association conducts its own multi-year professional Training Programme in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with adults.

The VAPP is an incorporated not for profit association.

The Glen Nevis Clinic (for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy) offers low cost psychoanaltic psychotherapy to those who could not otherwise afford such a therapy.  The clinic operates from the VAPP building in Richmond.

The Association values and maintains links with other psychoanalytic organisations, and encourages a mutually respectful exchange of ideas.

A full Statement of Purpose  is available from the Association office.

Diversity Statement

The VAPP is committed to providing a welcoming and enriching environment to all Practitioners entering its Training Program, or entering the Association from external professional arenas. The VAPP accepts that it contains a diverse community of Practitioners with a common interest in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. The VAPP is dedicated to ensuring respect for these differences at all times and wishes to ensure that no Practitioner will be discriminated against on the basis of Gender, Age, Race, Religion or Sexual orientation.

The acceptance of individuals into the VAPP (Association) is on the basis of prescribed professional competencies, where there is a demonstrated level of skills, knowledge and awareness. All individuals are expected to adhere to a Code of Ethics which provides guidelines forethical clinical practice

The Code of Ethics and pre-requisites for entry into the VAPP are available on this Website.

VAPP Members

Jacqueline Adler

Rhonda Attwood

Josephine Beatson

Jeanette Beaufoy

Adam Becker

Rosalie Birkin

June Blenkhorn

Julia Blum

Judi Blumenfeld Hoadley

Jill Blyth

Dana Branda Pawlaczyk

Christine Brett Vickers

Ann Cebon

Danny Chable

Rosslyn Chandler

Janet Chauvel

 Anne Chynoweth

Alison Clayton

Zeeva Cohen

Paul Coombe

Helga Coulter

Di Cronin

Suzanne Dean

Michele Dykman

Robert Elston

Britt Farrance

Wayne Featherstone

Bridget Fitzgerald

Joan Fordyce

Paul Foulkes

Gaeyle Fullerton

Rachel Goldberg

Daniela Gavrilova

Jennifer Greenway

Marilyn Gross

Sandra Hacker

Paul Hammond

Elisabeth Hanscombe

Edwin Harari

Jenny Harvey

Conrad Hauser

Moira Healy

Peter Heffernan

Melinda Hill

Jenny Howard

Gabby Howse

Michelle Hurst

Catherine Jamieson

Anne Jeffs

Peter Joiner

Michael Jonas*

Anne Kantor

Marie Karamesinis

Eugen Koh

Fiona Lacy

Marion Lustig

Neil Maizels

Salvatore Martino

Dana Maude

Priscilla Maxwell

Amelia Mitchell

Chili Naparstek

Pamela Nathan

Harry Nazikian

Vicki O’Dwyer

Susan Oliver

Denis O’Loughlin

Anna Rappoport

Leonardo Rodriguez

Silvia A. Rodriguez

Nicci Rossel

Maria-Ines Rotmiler de Zentner

Phillip Samuel

Helena Rymer

Pauline Schokman

Allan Shafer

Shirley Shiff

Jan C. Smith

Margaret Stoneham

David Sturrock

Bruce Tonge

Kathy Troup

Catherine Tutton

Paul Valent

Renata Volich Eisenbruch

Prue Walker

Laurie West

Felicity Whitworth

Faye Wilson

Oscar Zentner

* Denotes Foundation Member