Find a Psychotherapist

Below is a list of members of the VAPP  in private practice, with location, contact details and scope of work included.

If you are looking for a psychotherapist or professional supervisor, the VAPP can help you make a suitable connection.

You can contact a psychotherapist directly from the list below or phone the VAPP Referral Service on 9428 2303 to discuss your needs initially with a qualified psychotherapist.

Note that some psychotherapists offer foreign language consultations.



Jacqueline Adler

P: 03 9521 2809
Psychologist and social worker. Adult, child and adolescent psychotherapy; couples. Skype available. Professional supervision, teaching and infant observation seminars.

Rhonda Attwood

Northern Suburbs/Fairfield
P: 9481-4045
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist/Clinical Psychologist. Individual adult psychotherapy
Medicare Rebate available.

Adam Becker

East Melbourne

M: 0477 005 578
Individual psychotherapy for adults/young adults. Counselling Psychologist. Medicare rebates. Interest in LGBTIQ issues, sexuality, self/identity, shame, anxiety, depression, trauma

Rosalie Birkin

P: 9510 7783
Infant, child, adolescent, adult psychotherapy. Supervision and teaching.

Julia Blum

P: 9563 1846
M:0438 188285
Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, accredited mental health social worker, Medicare provider number. Individual adult (18+ years) psychotherapy – short and long-term.
Interest in chronic illness, older people

Jill Blyth

P: 9482 7015
Adult individual psychotherapy; short and long term. MAASW. Approved Medicare Provider

Dana Branda-Pawlaczyk

M:0408 424 842
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist/Psychologist
Therapy for Adults, Couples and older adolescents.
Depression/Anxiety/Trauma/ Unresolved Grief/Marital and Family Relationships
Skype available
Private and Medicare Rebates apply.

Dr Christine Brett Vickers

Bendigo, Northcote
M: 0412 633 747
P:03 54353112
Individual; Couple; Group; Mothers and Babies; Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (Short Term); Supervision; Reading Group: (Bendigo)

Paul Coombe

P: 9818 7379
Adults and older adolescents, Mothers and babies. Analytic group therapy for adults.

Diane Cronin

East Melbourne
P: 9513 0102
Individual Adult Psychotherapy;
Anxiety, Trauma, Relationship and Intimacy issues

Britt Farrance

P: 0409 880 332
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, working with adults. Also provides supervision, consultations and education sessions. Skype available.

Robert Elston

North Fitzroy
P: 9486 2967
 Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Wayne Featherstone

East Melbourne
M: 0417 586 460
Adults or Couples; Individual and Group. Supervision; Reading Groups.
Mental Health Provider Registration

Bridget Fitzgerald

North Fitzroy
P: 9486 1965
Psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Initial training in Clinical Psychology. Individual psychoanalytic therapy and supervision.

Jennifer Greenway

P: 9497 4030
M: 0412 121903
Couples, individuals adolescents and Supervision.
Work with Anxiety, depression, trauma and sexual dysfunction.

Marilyn Gross

P: 9596 8608
Individuals, couples, groups; Supervision

Paul Hammond

Clifton Hill / North Fitzroy
P: 9482 4062
Individual, Supervision and Clinical Psychology.

Dr Elisabeth Hanscombe

Hawthorn East
P: 9882 4159
Individual adult, young adult, couple, skype, and supervision.

Conrad Hauser

P 9578 0396
Adult Individual; Clinical Supervision; Secondary Consultation; Reading Group

Moira Healy

East Melbourne
P 9517 2960
Individual, couple and mother-baby psychotherapy, supervision and training.
Medicare rebates available.

Dr Peter Heffernan

M 0402 138 461
Adult Individual therapy, Supervision. Medicare rebate available.

Jenny Howard

Ormond, South Gippsland
M 0419 115 829
Child, adolescent and adult therapy, supervision and consultation. Medicare rebates. Early morning and evening sessions available.

Gabby Howse

East Melbourne
M: 0411 651 094;
Individual and couples therapy; adoption, fertility, personality disorders, depression, sexual abuse and anxiety issues. Supervision and Skype available.

Michelle Hurst

East Melbourne
M 0419 375 646
Individual psychotherapy for adults, supervision, Clinical Social Worker

Anne Jeffs

M:0432 175 798
Individual adult; child, adolescent; Mother-baby dyad; parent. Clinical Social Worker

Peter Joiner

Boronia (Outer Eastern suburbs)
P: 9720 1667 
 Individual Adult Psychotherapy, Supervision

Marie Karamesinis

Caulfield North
P: 9517 2441
Adult Psychotherapy, Medicare Rebates

Fiona Lacy


P 9397 1698

Individual adult psychotherapy; post-natal issues, depression, anxiety, trauma,  LGBTIQ sensitive.

Counselling Psychologist/Medicare rebates.

Dr Marion Lustig

Caulfield North
P 9571 5111
Psychiatrist. Individual adults; Professional supervision; Skype; Reading groups; Balint groups.

Neil Maizels

P: 9419 1777
Psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults. Help for Depression, Work or School issues, Relationship and intimacy issues, Mid-life issues.

Dana Maude

M: 0425 802 356
Individual psychotherapy, Supervision.
Clinical psychologist. Medicare rebates available

Pamela Nathan

P: 9853 4044
Individual Adult Psychotherapy: short and long-term.
Clinical and forensic psychologist.
Offer supervision, consultation, teaching and forensic reports.  Medicare rebates apply.

Harry Nazikian

P 9894-8437
Clinical Psychologist & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist.  Individual, long & short-term. Supervision and secondary consultation.
Supervision available by Skype for rural clinicians

Dr Denis O’Loughlin

Mornington, East Melbourne
M: 0458 633 004
Individual adult psychotherapy.

Anna Rappoport

P: 9528 3849
Psychologist / Psychoanalytic psychotherapist.
Individual adult psychotherapy.
Medicare rebates available.

Dr Leonardo S Rodriguez

North Carlton
Ph 9349 3462
Individual psychoanalysis with children, adolescents and adults. Supervision.
Spanish speaking.

Nicci Rossel

Fitzroy Nth
Mobile – 0414432698
Individual; couple; group; supervision & training

Maria-Ines Rotmiler de Zentner

South Yarra
P: 9804 5451
Psychoanalyst. Psychoanalyst with adults and older adolescents.
Individual and group clinical Supervision

Dr Pauline Schokman


South Yarra
P: 9005 5912

Individual adult psychotherapy, Skype sessions available. Medical practitioner rebates apply.

Dr Allan Shafer

M: 0487 330773
Clinical Psychologist

Mrs Shirley Shiff

East Hawthorn
P: 9882 3113
Clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Individual adult psychotherapy and supervision. Medicare rebates available.

Margaret Stoneham

P: 9818 8133
Adult, young adult or couples Psychotherapy. Day,evening, Saturday appointments.
Supervision, Reading Group. Clinical Social Worker, Registered with Medicare for GP referrals.

David Sturrock

Sydney city
P: 02 9262 1900
Psychiatrist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist for adults

Dr Kathy Troup

Cobargo, NSW
P: 0415 126 435
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist/Clinical Psychologist. Individual adult psychotherapy.
Medicare Rebate available

Dr Catherine Tutton

P: 9817 5272
Individual adult psychotherapy; Supervision

Dr Renata Volich

South Yarra; CBD
P: 98203008
Adults, adolescents, elderly and couples; Study groups and Supervision. Cultural Issues, life transition; Employee assistance.
Workplace/executive coaching.
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Dr Laurie West

South Yarra
P: 0498 800 050
Adult psychoanalytical psychotherapy.
Medical practitioner, so ongoing Medicare rebates are available.

Dr Felicity Whitworth

Carnegie, Carlton
P: 0417 532 760
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Clinical Neuropsychologist. Individual adult psychotherapy and consultation.

Faye Wilson

P: 0411 787 055
Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, long and short term. MAASW accredited mental health social worker, Medicare Rebates available

Oscar Zentner

South Yarra
P: 9804 5670
Individual Lacanian psychoanalyst.
Individual psychoanalytic supervision.
Senior Fellow, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne