The Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

Membership & Guest Enquiries


VAPP Members are clinicians who have undertaken further specialised intensive training over a number of years in psychoanalytic psychotherapy; training that has been concurrent with their own psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

There are many advantages to being a VAPP member:

  • recognition of credentials as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and listing as a member of the VAPP on the website
  • opportunities to participate in life and work of the VAPP and the PPAA and to engage with others in the psychoanalytic community
  • opportunities to be included as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for the VAPP referral service and to be listed on the Find a Therapist page on the VAPP website
  • eligibility to have private short courses, reading groups, supervision groups, seminars and other similar activities promoted in the Newsletter, on the VAPP website, on the Facebook page and through email lists.
  • opportunities to present at and participate in professional development events of the VAPP and related organisations
  • the opportunity to engage with Australasian and international speakers in person and on-line
  • opportunities to teach in the VAPP Introductory Course and the VAPP Training Program
  • eligibility to attend and present at PPAA conferences
  • eligibility to attend the Australasian Confederation of Psychanalytic Psychotherapies
  • opportunities to engage in reading and supervision groups with other VAPP members
  • receive regular newsletters that include information about current VAPP matters
  • receive the Australasian Journal of Psychotherapy
  • opportunities to purchase the International Journal of Psychoanalysis at a reduced rate
  • access to a well-resourced psychoanalytic library


Applications for membership are welcomed from clinicians who have graduated from the VAPP Training Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, from other training programs with equivalence to the VAPP Training Program, or from clinicians who have training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy not necessarily within a formal program.  Equivalent standards and competencies can be demonstrated through graduation from a psychoanalytic training program in which personal therapy, supervision, and training in theory and technique are ideally concurrent, or where these elements of training were undertaken outside a formal training program.

Some examples of this are:

  • a Masters degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • personal psychoanalytic psychotherapy for a minimum of two sessions per week over a number of years with a qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist
  • weekly supervision with a qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist/s over an extended period
  • weekly supervision with a qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist specifically focussing on a psychoanalytic psychotherapy case seen for a minimum of two sessions a week over a minimum of two years
  • weekly supervision with a qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist specifically focussing on a psychoanalytic psychotherapy case seen for a minimum of two sessions a week over a minimum of 12 months
  • a 12 month infant observation with a qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist

All applicants are expected to be currently engaged in the ongoing practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and to be receiving regular and ongoing supervision of this work.

Follow this link for more information Information for Applicants for VAPP Membership

VAPP Guest

The category of VAPP Guest enables non-members of the VAPP to participate in the VAPP’s Professional Development program.

This is one way in which the VAPP seeks to make itself open to the wider psychoanalytic community and to broaden and enhance its linkages to that community.

VAPP Guests can participate in the VAPP’s Professional Development events with the exception of those that are designated for members only.

There is an annual fee set each year by the VAPP Council.

To be a VAPP Guest, applicants need to have:

  • relevant clinical experience
  • a significant period of psychoanalytic psychotherapy supervision (a minimum of 6 months of weekly supervision or equivalent)
  • input of psychoanalytic theory (eg. Introductory course, Seminar series, Reading Groups)
  • a favourable reference from a recent supervisor regarding clinical practice

A VAPP Guest also needs to be familiar with and accept the VAPP Code of Ethics


All enquiries regarding applying to be a VAPP Guest should be directed to the VAPP Administrative Officer  (telephone: 03 9428 2303 or email to ).

Any further queries regarding the process or eligibility can be discussed with the Chair or Secretary of the VAPP Membership Committee.

External applicants are asked to attach a letter of application together with a current Curriculum Vitae to the VAPP Administrative Officer.  The letter should briefly outline the applicant’s interest in and experience of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and should include the name of a referee who has had recent supervisory experience of the applicant’s work.

Applications will be considered by the VAPP’s Membership Committee, which will make recommendations to the VAPP Council.   Successful applicants will then be notified and provided with details for payment of the fee.

VAPP Guests are notified via email of Professional Development events.

New VAPP Guests are asked to notify the VAPP Administrative Officer when they will be attending their first Professional Development evening so that the VAPP President can welcome them and introduce them to others at the meeting.